ARCHIVED WEBINAR: CHIME IN! : Possibilities for a Positive Recovery Framework to Enhance Smoking Cessation Efforts


Guest presenter Dr. Knoblach present on possiblities for a positive recovery framework to enhance smoking cessation efforts. Quitting smoking is difficult, and even more challenging for people with co-occurring health conditions. A possible consequence of many failed attempts is a growing sense of hopelessness and shame. By placing more focus on positive, recovery-oriented themes, and less on symptom reduction, providers can invite their clients to consider what really matters throughout a smoking cessation effort. C.H.I.M.E.’s focus on Connection, Hope, Identity, Meaning in Life, and Empowerment offers a transdiagnostic, recovery-oriented framework that can assist in relapse prevention, while prioritizing quality of life. This innovative webinar invites attendees to consider CHIME’s potential applications in broadening their smoking cessation programming.