U.S. Healthcare Spending Attributable to Cigarette Smoking in 2014

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health has released the following tobacco-related article in the journal, Preventive Medicine.

This study assessed smoking-attributable fractions in healthcare spending between 2010 and 2014, overall and by insurance type (Medicaid, Medicare, private, out-of-pocket, other federal, other) and by medical service (inpatient, non-inpatient, prescriptions).

Some key numbers discussed are:

  • During 2010–2014, an estimated 11.7% of U.S. annual healthcare spending could be attributed to adult cigarette smoking
  • Based on total personal healthcare expenditures reported in 2014, that translates to annual healthcare spending of more than $225 billion dollars. 
  • More than 50% of this smoking-attributable spending was funded by Medicare or Medicaid.

You can read the full article HERE