U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Year publishedsort ascending
MDQuit's 11th Best Practices Conference 2017
fall-2016-mdquit-newsletter 2016
LRC9thBPPPT2015-File 2015
Raising the Minimum Legal Age for Purchasing Tobacco Products: Potential Impact on Public Health 2015
MDQuit Newsletter - Summer/Fall 2015 2015
FDA Launches “The Real Cost” Youth Tobacco Prevention Campaign 2014
More People are Smoking E-cigarettes, But as a Quitting Tool 2013
New Evidence on the Health Risks of Menthol-flavored Cigarettes 2013
MDQuit Newsletter - Summer 2013 2013
MDQuit Spring 2012 Newsletter 2012
MDQuit Newsletter - May 2012 2012
Survey on E-Cigarettes Demonstrates Misconceptions about Their Harm 2012
MDQuit E-Newsletter - Summer 2012 2012
Spike in Calls to the National Quit Line Following Introduction of New Cigarette Labels 2011
Chantix Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack, Study Finds 2011
MDQuit E-Newsletter - December 2011 2011
FDA Reviews Menthol 2010
E-Cigarettes Out of Jurisdiction 2010
The FDA is Cracking Down on Internet Marketed Cigarettes 2009
Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products Becomes City Law 2009
FDA launches Center for Tobacco Products 2009
FDA Issues Warning about E-Cigarettes 2009
FDA Announces Stronger Warnings for Chantix and Zyban 2009
Understand the main provisions of FDA regulation of Tobacco Products 2009
Emerging Trends in Cigar Regulation 2007
FDA’s Rulemaking Process & Upcoming Tobacco Product Standards
Bupropion SR
Side Effects Update: Chantix and Zyban
FDA's Tobacco Education Resources: Center for Tobacco Products Exchange Lab
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