Year publishedsort ascending
YRBS 2019 Tobacco Use Data 2020
Trends in the Prevalence of Tobacco Use National YRBS: 1991—2019 2020
Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR): Tobacco Product Use Among High School Students 2020
Association Between the Tips From Former Smokers® Campaign and Smoking Cessation Among Adults, United States, 2012-2018 2020
MDQuit's 10th Annual Best Practices Conference 2016
10 Years of the MDQuit Resource Center 2016
MDQuit Summer Newsletter 2016-file 2016
US Cigarette Smoking Trends 2005-2015 2016
Rigotti_Keynote_Address: Integrating Tobacco cessation into Health Care Delivery Systems 2015
MDQuit's 9th Annual Best Practices Conference 2015
MDQuit's 8th Annual Best Practices Conference 2014
“Vapor” Shops and E-Cigarette Use Is on the Rise in Maryland 2014
The 2014 Surgeon General’s Report: Children, Smoking Rates, and Premature Death 2014
CVS Ban on Cigarettes May Reduce Smoking Rates 2014
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, April 4, 2014 2014
Recovery From Substance Use Is Not Hindered by Smoking Cessation 2014
MMWR November 2014 2014
Fall 2014 MDQuit Newsletter 2014
MDQuit Newsletter - Fall 2014 2014
DHMH Data Exhibit 40% Decline in Youth Tobacco Use from 2010-2013 2014
More People are Smoking E-cigarettes, But as a Quitting Tool 2013
Smoking Cessation: Do We Have an App for That? PART 1 - Abroms 4.18.13 2013
Smoking Cessation: Do We Have an App for That? PART 2 - Abroms 4.18.13 2013
Every 10 Tobacco Ad Sightings Boost Teens’ Risk of Starting to Smoke by Almost 40 Percent 2013
New Evidence on the Health Risks of Menthol-flavored Cigarettes 2013
National Smoking Cessation Campaign May Help Smokers Quit 2013
Young Adult Smoking Risk Factors: Impulsivity, Regular Alcohol Use, Poor Grades 2013
MDQuit Newsletter - Summer 2013 2013
Prince George’s County Delays Electronic Cigarette Ban 2013
MDQuit's 7th Annual Best Practices Conference 2013
Nicotine Vaccine May Help You Quit Smoking 2013
MDQuit's 6th Annual Best Practices Conference 2012
A guide to creating custom reports using Maryland’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) 2012
30% of Young Adults Using More Than One Tobacco Product 2012
Survey on E-Cigarettes Demonstrates Misconceptions about Their Harm 2012
Nicotine Vaccine found to be Promising in Animal Trials 2012
Smoking in Movies has an Effect on Adolescent Tobacco Use 2012
Allegany County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Somerset Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
MDQuit Newsletter Fall 2012 2012
MDQuit E-Newsletter - Summer 2012 2012
Quitlines and Smoking Cessation Campaigns Positively Impact Quitting Behaviors Among Diverse Populations, New Studies Suggest 2011
Partner Support Aids Quitting Among Latino Smokers, Recent Study Finds 2011
Chantix Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack, Study Finds 2011
Time to First Cigarette after Waking Linked to Increased Risk of Smoking-Related Cancers, Studies Find 2011
Physician Cessation Counseling Vital to Quitting among Smokers with Substance Use and Mental Disorders, Study Finds 2011
Recommendations for Treating Smokers in Health Care Setting 2011
Readiness Ruler 2011
Tobacco Screening Measure 2011
MDQuit's 5th Annual Best Practices Conference 2011


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