Year publishedsort ascending
17th BP Conference Prevention: Local & State Efforts in Caroline County 2023
New Law Bolstering Standard for Liquid Nicotine Packaging 2016
10 Years of the MDQuit Resource Center 2016
Updates on DHMH Tobacco Prevention & Control Initiatives 2016
2016-2020 MD Cancer Control Plan 2016
US Cigarette Smoking Trends 2005-2015 2016
CDC Update: Cancer and Tobacco Use 2016
MDQuit's 10th Annual Best Practices Conference 2016
MDQuit's 9th Annual Best Practices Conference 2015
DiClemente Workshop_Youth Prevention: Products and Trends among Middle and High School Youth 2015
Baltimore City Tries to Ban Sale of Flavored Tobacco Near Schools 2015
E-cigarette Use on the Rise Among Middle and High School Students 2015
Raising the Minimum Legal Age for Purchasing Tobacco Products: Potential Impact on Public Health 2015
MDQuit's 8th Annual Best Practices Conference 2014
CDC will launch 2014 Tips From a Former Smoker Campaign in February 2014
CVS Cigarette Bans Tobacco Sales, but Walgreens Will Continue 2014
Clean Air for Kids Everywhere - 5.3.14 2014
Point-of-Sale Report to the Nation: The Tobacco Retail and Policy Landscape 2014
Fall 2014 MDQuit Newsletter 2014
MDQuit Newsletter - Fall 2014 2014
Nicotine Vaccine May Help You Quit Smoking 2013
Maryland Tobacco Industry and Its Distribution of Revenue Towards Tobacco Programming 2013
Allegany County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Calvert County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Carroll County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Charles County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Frederick County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Garrett County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
St. Mary's County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Washington County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Somerset Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Wicomico Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Worcester Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Cigar Awareness & Prevention and The Cigar Trap Campaign 2012
MDQuit E-Newsletter - Summer 2012 2012
Maryland Kids “Kick Butts” 2012
Maryland Tobacco Bill Will Increase Tax on Smokeless Tobacco 2012
MDQuit Spring 2012 Newsletter 2012
MDQuit Newsletter - May 2012 2012
Nicotine Vaccine found to be Promising in Animal Trials 2012
Smoking in Movies has an Effect on Adolescent Tobacco Use 2012
State-wide Ban on Smoking in University System of Maryland Institutions Begins in 2013 2012
World No Tobacco Day 2011
Benefits of Quitting - File 2011
Leading Health Groups Aim to "Knock Tobacco Out of the Park" 2011
State Anti-Tobacco Efforts Failing to Make the Grade 2011
FDA Proposes Graphic New Warning Labels for Cigarette Ads and Packaging 2011
Tobacco Will be Responsible for Nearly 6 Million Deaths in 2011, WHO Predicts 2011
Maryland Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan (MCCCP) Released by DHMH 2011
MCCCP Executive Summary-PDF 2011


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