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MDQuit's 11th Best Practices Conference 2017
New Law Bolstering Standard for Liquid Nicotine Packaging 2016
US Cigarette Smoking Trends 2005-2015 2016
CDC Update: Cancer and Tobacco Use 2016
fall-2016-mdquit-newsletter 2016
Webinar Access Information-FILE 2015
Smokers Who Switch to Very-Low-Nicotine Cigarettes May Be More Likely to Cut Down 2015
Tobacco 101 2015
Clean Air for Kids Everywhere - 5.3.14 2014
Clean Air for Kids Everywhere - File 2014
Chesapeake Childcare Provider Training - 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-hand smoke 2014
Tobacco Products Replaced with Nicotine Gum at CVS Pharmacies 2014
MMWR November 2014 2014
DHMH Data Exhibit 40% Decline in Youth Tobacco Use from 2010-2013 2014
NIDA research ad 2014
CDC will launch 2014 Tips From a Former Smoker Campaign in February 2014
CVS Ban on Cigarettes May Reduce Smoking Rates 2014
CVS Cigarette Bans Tobacco Sales, but Walgreens Will Continue 2014
FDA Launches “The Real Cost” Youth Tobacco Prevention Campaign 2014
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, April 4, 2014 2014
CDC Press Release 2.5.13 2013
CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for February 5, 2013: Current Cigarette Smoking Among U.S. Adults with Mental Illness 2013
CDC Vital Signs Issue for February 2013: Smoking and Mental Illness 2013
Nicotine Vaccine May Help You Quit Smoking 2013
Overview of U.S. Smoke-free Foster Care Regulations 2013
More People are Smoking E-cigarettes, But as a Quitting Tool 2013
Starbucks Bans Smoking within 25 Feet of Stores 2013
WHO Calls for Tobacco Advertising Ban 2013
Every 10 Tobacco Ad Sightings Boost Teens’ Risk of Starting to Smoke by Almost 40 Percent 2013
New Evidence on the Health Risks of Menthol-flavored Cigarettes 2013
Survey Finds Support for Smoking Ban in Cars with Children 2013
Survey Finds Support for Smoking Ban in Cars with Children 2013
Convenience Store Cigarette Sales Threatened by Economic Pressures on the Cigarette Industry 2013
Maryland Group Calls for Cigar Tax Increase 2013
CDC MMWR 2.5.13 2013
CDC MMWR 2.5.13 2013
A Decade of Data: Successes and Challenges in Tobacco Use in Maryland 2012
Implementing Smoking Cessation in Substance Abuse Treatment: Workplace Barriers and Facilitators 2012
REACH, ENGAGE, HELP: Smokers with Mental Illness 2012
Treating Tobacco in Smokers with Mental Illness 2012
Treating Tobacco in Smokers with Substance Use Disorders 2012
Lillian Eby's Project MERITS Handout 2012
No. 1 Littered Item in the United States on Roads and Beaches is...Cigarette Butts! 2012
30% of Young Adults Using More Than One Tobacco Product 2012
Survey on E-Cigarettes Demonstrates Misconceptions about Their Harm 2012
Nicotine Vaccine found to be Promising in Animal Trials 2012
Smoking in Movies has an Effect on Adolescent Tobacco Use 2012
State-wide Ban on Smoking in University System of Maryland Institutions Begins in 2013 2012
Somerset Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Wicomico Cigar Fact Sheet 2012


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