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CTG Regional Tobacco Meetings
mWebinar: Who's Leading the Leading Health Indicators - Tobacco
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Emerging Trends in Cigar Regulation 2007
November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2009
Smoking Rates Not Declining as Rapidly as Expected 2009
CDC Menthol and Tobacco Bibliography 2010
Smoking Bans Across All 50 States by 2020, CDC Predicts 2011
Cigars and Other Non-Cigarettes Rise in Popularity 2012
American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2012-MARYLAND Report Card 2012
FDA Is Making Tobacco Companies Disclose Harmful Chemicals in Their Products 2012
Quantifying Tobacco Control Efforts 2012
MDQuit Spring 2012 Newsletter 2012
MDQuit Newsletter - May 2012 2012
CTG Western MD Intro 2012
CTG Western MD (Clickers) 2012
CTG Western MD Cigar Regulation 2012
CTG Western MD Cigar Awareness and Prevention 2012
CTG Western MD SF MUH and OA 2012
CTG Western MD Powers of County Legislatures 2012
CTG Southern MD Intro 2012
CTG Southern MD (Clickers) 2012
CTG Southern MD Cigar Regulation 2012
CTG Southern MD Prevention and Cigar Trap 2012
CTG Southern MD SF MUH and OA 2012
CTG Southern MD Powers of County Legislature 2012
CTG Lower Eastern Shore MD Intro 2012
Tobacco Use Among Youth in Maryland 2012
CDC MMWR 2.5.13 2013
CDC Press Release 2.5.13 2013
CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for February 5, 2013: Current Cigarette Smoking Among U.S. Adults with Mental Illness 2013
CDC Vital Signs Issue for February 2013: Smoking and Mental Illness 2013
More People are Smoking E-cigarettes, But as a Quitting Tool 2013
CDC MMWR May 31st 2013 2013
CDC Recruitment Flyer 2013
Smoking Bans in Restaurants and Bars Shown To Have No Adverse Effect on These Businesses 2013
CDC MMWR 2.5.13 2013
CDC will launch 2014 Tips From a Former Smoker Campaign in February 2014
Calls to Poison Centers Regarding E-cigarettes 2014
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, April 4, 2014 2014
Clean Air for Kids Everywhere - 5.3.14 2014
MMWR November 2014 2014
E-cigarette Use on the Rise Among Middle and High School Students 2015
US Cigarette Smoking Trends 2005-2015 2016
CDC Update: Cancer and Tobacco Use 2016
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