Cigars and Other Non-Cigarettes Rise in Popularity


Based on the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report released by the CDC on Aug. 3, it has been noted that the consumption of cigars, pipe tobacco and roll-your-owns has increased drastically from 2000 to 2011. The use of non-cigarette tobacco consumption also serves to explain why tobacco consumption has dropped by less than 1% between 2010-2011. The increase in the tobacco excise tax setup by the federal government since 2009 was effective in decreasing the consumption of cigarettes; however, consumers are increasingly switching to more and more non-cigarette forms of tobacco products, such as pipe tobacco. Furthermore, even tobacco companies are relabeling some of their products to “pipe tobacco” and are adding more weight to their “small” cigars so that they can avoid paying the excise tax -- or so they can at least pay a lesser amount.