Most people don’t quit smoking alone.  They require support coming from multiple sources.  Every quit plan is unique to the individual, and people should have the freedom to choose from many options.   MD QUIT has come up with a list of places to turn to for consumers, providers, and administrators. 

Consumers can consider a menu of options for support by clicking on CONSUMER RESOURCES

Providers can help people quit by considering the many places of information already provided on our site.  Provider resources are broken down by professional role and can be accessed by choosing from below:

Dental Professionals       Employers       Health Departments      
Medicaid & Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)       Mental Health Professionals       Nurses       OB/GYN       Pediatricians       Pharmacists       Physical Therapists       Physicians        Respiratory Therapists      
School Personnel       Substance Abuse Providers     

Administrators also play an important role in leading smoking cessation efforts at organizations.  Sometimes by merely acknowledging that smoking cessation should be more of a priority can jump-start an entire site-wide initiative.  These initiatives have the power to add years of life to the people they serve. 

We have put together a list of general resources that can help both administrators and providers of all types.  These are located on our ADMINISTRATOR/PROVIDER resource page.      

Maryland Resources:  Sometimes it is nice to stay local, and we have listed resources available from our important local partners, found at the MARYLAND TOBACCO RESOURCES page.