Maryland Quitline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW
In operation since June 2006


The Quitline has expanded its services as of 12/2012 -- now available:

  • Live counselors 24/7!
  • Counseling services for teens ages 13-17 include:
    • five calls from skilled Youth Quit Coaches provided weekly for youth who are ready to quit;
    • educational materials that can be mailed to caller's home;
    • discussion of triggers, stressors, peer influences, and second-hand smoke;
    • planning/preparation to address relapse prevention.
  • An intensive support program for pregnant women provides:
    • ten calls to pregnant women -- before and after the due date;
    • counseling on health risks of continuing smoking and benefits of quitting;
    • information on the hazards of second-hand smoke;
    • availability of medications for pregnant women to help with quitting;
    • materials mailed to caller's home to assist with quitting and to prevent relapse post-partum.
  • Enhanced online support offered through Web Coach®, now includes NRT (https://www.quitnow.net/maryland), as well as:
    • information on risks of continued smoking, benefits of quitting, and second-hand smoke;
    • unlimited access to messages, counseling, and feedback from trained Quit Coaches;
    • personalized smoking cessation plans for each participant;
    • the ability to order free NRT on-line (18 and older), while supplies last.  
  • A text support program, Text2Quit®, helps participants with:
    • setting a quit date;
    • managing cravings by sending motivational text messages on coping skills, and educational text messages in the forms of games and quizzes;
    • proper use of NRT, and information on how to order free patches or gum;
    • sustaining motivation through the quit process by sending supportive text messages for up to 4 weeks prior to quit date and up to 4 months following.

These enhancements supplement the existing Quitline services listed below:

FREE services provided by the Maryland Quitline

  • Telephone counseling
  • Four sessions are provided to a typical smoker (see below for details on each call) by a trained Quit Coach®
  • Available for help and support as needed by the caller.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy
  • Callers may receive free NRT:  nicotine patch, nicotine gum, lozenges, and combination therapy (while supplies last).  
  • Web based services


  • Prior to enrollment, visit www.smokingstopshere.com and by clicking on “Click to call” the consumer can receive a call from a Quit Coach® right away.
  • Once enrolled, Quitline callers may sign up for access to the FREE Web Coach® which includes:
    • Web account access
    • Coaching Emails
    • Discussion forums with other callers
  • Specialized services
  •  Languages: English & Spanish
  • Deaf or hearing-impaired: 1-877-777-6534
  • Other caller services
  • Voicemail with call back
  • Recorded messages
  •  Mailed information including a comprehensive quit guide
  • Referrals to local cessation programs
  • Resources for health care providers
  • MDQuit’s  Fax to Assist  program is designed for health  care providers to refer tobacco user to Maryland’s quitline
  • Quitline promotional and informational brochures, posters, and wallet cards and can be mailed upon request from www.smokingstopshere.com

Visit our Quitlines page for information on telephone counseling effectiveness and other quitline research.