Organizational Factors

It is important to understand that there is more to smoking cessation than just what the client and provider can do. Organizations can play just as big a role in smoking cessation through the policies they hold. The following are just some examples of how an organization can affect smoking cessation:

  • Agency buy-in for smoking cessation programming
  • Agency policy (e.g., smoke-free policy)
  • Culture of smoking among staff
  • Staff training regarding smoking


Much like people, organizations can be viewed in the stages of change when in comes to smoking cessation. Below are some sample questions to ask when in each stage.

Precontemplation Stage:

Who are the people you need to buy-in to start smoking cessation programming?

Contemplation Stage:

How can you get more support from your organization?

Preparation Stage:

What do you see as the biggest hurdle to start smoking cessation services?

Action Stage:

How will assess the effectiveness of the intervention?


What barriers may occur in trying to sustain the smoking cessation in your agency?


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