Launch of Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit - You and Me, Together Vape-Free!

Dear Colleagues,

We are so excited to launch our new You and Me, Together Vape-Free, e-cigarette prevention curriculum.

Attached please find our “infomercial” and the PDF that links you to the introduction to the curriculum and to all 6 lessons, or find the curriculum here

A few important caveats:

  • This is “hot off the press” so there will be errors, links not working, etc.  Please email me with any edits needed.  This is a total team effort. 
  • We recommend you refresh your screen often or go back into the curriculum, slides, and other curriculum components to get the latest versions, as we will continue tweaking for a couple of weeks.
  • Coming soon:  PDFs with the Kahoot questions and answers, should you want to print and hand them out rather than play the online game.
  • We will link the new curriculum to our Tobacco Prevention Toolkit in the near future.
  • If interested in a free training on this new curriculum, please complete the training form here.
  • Please note – the Tobacco Prevention ToolkitCannabis Awareness and Prevention Toolkit, and Vaping Information, Solutions, and Interventions Toolkit are still available!

A bit more about the curriculum:

The goals of this curriculum are for adolescents to:

  • Increase their knowledge about e-cigarettes and the harms they can cause.
  • Gain awareness of strategies manufacturers and sellers of e-cigarettes employ to increase use among adolescents, such as deceptive and creative marketing strategies.
  • Gain skills to refuse experimentation and use of e-cigarettes.
  • Ultimately, to reduce and prevent e-cigarette use of any type, including nicotine, cannabis/THC, and/or non-nicotine products.

The You and Me, Together Vape-Free curriculum includes 6 lessons, each providing activities, online quiz games, and worksheets in addition to presentations, resources, and other materials aimed at addressing key factors associated with youth e-cigarette use, including changing adolescents’ attitudes towards and misperceptions about e-cigarettes; increasing their refusal skills to pulls of flavors, marketing, and social media; reducing stress and depression which have been linked to e-cigarette initiation and use; improving coping; and decreasing intentions and actual use of all e-cigarette products. 

The 6 lessons are:

  1. Full of Potential: Your Brain Nicotine-Free
  2. Healthy Body, Healthy You-th: Effects of E-cigarettes on The Body
  3. What a Waste! Impact of Cigarettes and E-cigarettes on The Environment
  4. Don’t Be Played: How Tobacco Marketing Targets You-th
  5. Be Your Strength: Stress, Coping, and Wellness
  6. Can’t be Missed: Cannabis and You-th

These 6 in-class sessions are reinforced outside of the classroom with follow-up Discussion Guides that provide open-ended questions and activities for youth to discuss various e-cigarette-related topics with a trusted adult and/or peer in order to open dialogue between youth and adults. The Curriculum is meant to reach all youth, including those at highest risk of tobacco use, racial/ethnic minorities, students in continuation and alternative schools, and those identifying as LGBTQ+.  

We hope you enjoy the new curriculum!

Thank you so much. 


Bonnie and team

Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, PhD, FSAHM (pronouns: she/her
Marron and Mary Elizabeth Kendrick Professor in Pediatrics II

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Professor (by courtesy), Epidemiology & Population Health; Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Director, Stanford Reach Lab

Director of Fellows’ Scholarship, Department of Pediatrics

Director of Research, Division of Adolescent Medicine

Co-leader, Scholarly Concentrations, Pediatrics Residency Program


Founder and Executive Director, Tobacco Prevention ToolkitCannabis Awareness and Prevention Toolkit, and Vaping Information, Solutions, and Interventions Toolkit.

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