MDQuit has changed our name, but our mission as the new Maryland Tobacco Control Resource Center remains the same.

Items of Interest

The FDA's Center for Tobacco Products Exchange Lab provides evidence-based print materials, web content and videos for tobacco education. Print materials can be ordered for free from their website.

The Truth Initiative has launched a text message based e-cigarette program. This program is evidence informed and was developed with input from teens and young adults who have tried to quit e-cigarettes in order to develop tailored messages for this age group. The text messaging program also acts as a resource for parents who are looking to help their children who vape.

"Legislative Black Caucus will push to raise the age for buying tobacco to 21 in Maryland"

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that underage e-cigarette use is reaching epidemic proportions as 2 million middle and high school students were current users in 2017. In response, the FDA is launching “The Real Cost” Youth E-Cigarette Prevention Campaign, a new, comprehensive effort aimed at educating kids about the dangers of e-cigarettes.

The latest Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey results on substance use trends are now available online from The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Some highlights include more than 13 percent of young adults not in college report daily, or near daily, marijuana use; alcohol use is more common among college students; some opioid use is declining in both groups, and the most sizeable differ

The New York Times released an article on April 2nd titled, "‘I Can’t Stop’: Schools Struggle With Vaping Explosion."