MDQuit has changed our name, but our mission as the new Maryland Tobacco Control Resource Center remains the same.

Items of Interest: Research Study

Cigarette smoking prevalence is higher among adults enrolled in Medicaid than adults with private health insurance. State Medicaid coverage of cessation treatments has been gradually improving in recent years; however, the extent to which this has translated into increased use of these treatments by Medicaid enrollees remains unknown.

In a study of about 16,000 people ages 12 to 24, nearly two-thirds had tried at least one tobacco product and almost 33% had tried five or more tobacco products. E-cigarettes and cigarettes were the two most popular. Trying e-cigarettes and multiple other tobacco products before age 18 years is strongly associated with later daily cigarette smoking.

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health, in collaboration with RTI International, released the following tobacco-related research brief:

At the University of California, researchers have determined how smoking likely results in a more severe SARS-CoV-2 infection.

They noted that smoking cigarettes triples cells infected with coronavirus

Specifically, smoking cigarettes increases the risk of being infected by the Coronavirus by dampening the immune response of the body.

Smoking-cessation interventions can increase successful quitting, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance patients’ health and well-being. This study assesses changes in the availability of hospital-affiliated smoking-cessation programs over time in the U.S.