Items of Interest: Tobacco News

The CDC and FDA released the following tobacco-related article in the journal, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR):

“State of the Air” 2022 is the 23rd edition of this annual report published by the American Lung Association (ALA), which was first published in 2000. From the beginning, the findings in “State of the Air” have reflected the successes of the Clean Air Act, as emissions from transportation, power plants and manufacturing have been reduced.

Truth Initiative’s fourth annual report looking at tobacco imagery in entertainment, “While You Were Streaming: Nicotine on Demand,” finds that as young people watched more video content than ever before in 2020, pervasive smoking and vaping imagery lit up their screens.

A number of interchanges concerning recent tobacco industry public relations campaigns have led to a 199 page white paper being recently published which analyzes the strategy and tactics employed by Philip Morris International’s (PMI) “Smoke- Free Future” and Altria’s (Philip Morris USA) “Moving Beyond Smoking” public relations campaigns.