Maryland TCRC 16th Annual Best Practices Conference


We would like to thank all of our keynote speakers, session presenters, panelists and moderators, and attendees for making our virtual 16th annual Best Practices Conference a great success!

Below you’ll find the agenda for the day along with the available presentation materials.

(Note: links to presentations are listed where available)


Morning Session:

Introduction & Current Maryland TCRC Initiatives: Carlo C. DiClemente, PhD, ABPP 

     Link to Powerpoint and the Recording

Keynote #1 Tailoring Tobacco Treatment and Policy for the LGBTQ Community: Amanda Fallin-Bennett, PhD, RN

     Link to Powerpoint and the Recording 

Keynote #2 Managing Stress and Anxiety in an Age of Uncertainty: Judson Brewer, MD, PhD 

     Link to Powerpoint and Recording 


Lunch Session:

     Link to entire Lunch Session Recording

Maryland Legislative Updates: Kathleen Hoke, JD 

     Link to Powerpoint

Updates from Maryland Department of Health: Dana Moncrief, MHS, CHES

     Link to Powerpoint

Quitline Referral Awards: Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D., ABPP

     Link to Powerpoint


Early Afternoon Session:

Keynote #3 Black Health in a Country without Menthol: Natasha Phelps, JD

     Link to Powerpoint and Recording


Late Afternoon Sessions: 

Workshop A Integrating Tobacco Services into Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment: Joseph Guydish, PhD, MPH with Holly Luther & Sandy O’Neill as Reactors

     Link to Powerpoint and Recording

Workshop B People Living with Mental Illness CAN Quit Smoking: A Best Practices Update: Faith Dickerson PhD, MPH & Melanie Bennett, PhD

     Link to Powerpoint and Recording

Workshop C Youth Panel - Engaging Youth in Education and Policy Change Initiatives: Gustavo Torrez, Anna Grace, Milton Nguyen, Yashi Srivastava

     Link to Recording