MDQuit's 8th Annual Best Practices Conference


A sincere thanks to all of our presenters and panelists who made the day a great success, and to all of the attendees who braved the remnants of Storm Janus to spend the day with us!  


Dawn Berkowitz for her retrospective on “Tobacco Use in Maryland: Past, Present and Future”; Dr. Janet Audrain-McGovern for her informative keynote on novel approaches for prevention of adolescent smoking; Dr. Megan Piper for her illuminating keynote address on best practices for treating all smokers; and last but not least, Dr. David Abrams for his thought-provoking keynote address on e-cigarettes. 


Pregnancy:   Dr. Carlo DiClemente (MDQUIT), Rebecca Dineen (Preventing Substance Exposed Pregnancies [PSEP]), Lawrence Carter (Chief, Division of State Tobacco Control Initiatives at DHMH), and Sara Wolfe (Chief, Cessation and Health Systems Initiatives at DHMH)

Policy:  Kathleen Hoke, JD, Director & William Tilburg, JD, Deputy Director of the Legal Resource Center for Public Health Policy, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law

Prevention:  Keynote speaker Dr. Janet Audrain-McGovern (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Janine Delahanty (MDQUIT), Dana Moncrief (Chief, Statewide Public Health Initiatives at DHMH), and Dorothy Ruff (School and Community Tobacco Education Specialist at Harford County)

We also offer a special thanks to William Tilburg, JD, of the Legal Resource Center for his lunchtime updates on upcoming legislation. Finally, we’d like to congratulate Community Clinic, Inc. as the recipient of MDQuit’s 3rd Annual Fax to Assist award for having the highest number of Fax to Assist referrals to the Quitline from a community-based healthcare agency in the past year.  Thanks go to Simone Rivas, a Health Educator with CCI, for accepting the award.  We also want to acknowledge that a Certificate of Excellence was presented to Cecil County Health Department for having the highest overall number of Fax to Assist referrals to the Quitline for the third year in a row; and a Certificate of Recognition was given to the Digestive Health Center of the University of Maryland Medical System for having the third highest number of referrals in the past contract year.

Keynote Speakers Bios
50th Surgeon General’s Report

Morning Session

Dawn Berkowitz, MPH, CHES, Director, Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control, Prevention and Health Promotion Administration,
Presentation: Tobacco Control in Maryland: Past, Present, and Future.

Dr. Janet Audrain-McGovern,
Keynote Address: Novel Targets for Adolescent Smoking Prevention.

Handout: Adolescent Smoking Publications

Dr. Megan Piper, Ph.D., Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention at the University of Wisconsin,            
Keynote Address: Treating All Smokers: A 2014 Update.

Handout: Megan E. Piper – Relevant Publications

Lunch Updates

Slides: Current Statewide and MDQUIT initiatives: Outreach to Vulnerable Populations  
Dr. Carlo DiClemente,

Handout: Smoking Cessation for Behavioral Health Populations

Afternoon Keynote Address 

Dr. David Abrams, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Schroeder Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies at Truth Initiative:

Keynote Address: E-cigarettes: Benefits and Concerns to Reduce the Harms of Combusted Tobacco

Handout: Promise and Peril of e-Cigarettes: Can Disruptive Technology Make Cigarettes Obsolete?

Afternoon Panels

Dr. Carlo DiClemente,
Rebecca Dineen,
Lawrence Carter,
Sara Wolfe,

Slides: Pregnancy and Tobacco Cessation Help (PATCH) Initiative

Kathleen Hoke, JD,
William Tilburg, JD,

Slides: A Look Back: A Brief History of Tobacco Control, Kathleen Hoke, J.D.
Slides: 50 Years of Tobacco Control: A Look at the 2014 Surgeon General Report on Smoking & Health, William Tilburg, J.D.

Dr. Janet Audrain-McGovern,
Dr. Janine Delahanty,
Dana Moncrief,
Dorothy Ruff,

Slides: Maryland Statewide Youth Tobacco Control Initiatives
Handout: Cigar Trap Description
Cigar Trap Disturbing Facts Radio Ad (Disturbing Facts.mp3 to be uploaded)

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