MDQuit's 7th Annual Best Practices Conference


We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of this year's conference.  First of all, we would like to thank Dr. Marc Fishman for his informative keynote on smoking cessation medications, and Dr. Sherry Stewart for her wonderful keynote address and workshop on substance misuse.  Thanks also to all of the attendees who braved the weather to spend the day with us!  

We also thank Dawn Berkowitz, Chief, Division of Federal and Special Tobacco Control Initiatives for an overview of DHMH’s upcoming issues and funding. Additionally, we would like to thank Dr. Renee Fox, Director of the Institute for a Healthiest Maryland (IHM) for her overview of the Community Transformation Grant (CTG) and the IHM; and we give a special thanks to Rita Vera, JD, Deputy Director of the Legal Resource Center, UM,B School of Law for her updates on upcoming legislation.  Finally, we’d like to acknowledge Galena Family Medicine in Kent County -- the recipient of MDQuit’s 2nd Annual Fax to Assist award for having the highest number of Fax to Assist referrals to the Quitline from a family practice in the past year.  We also acknowledge Cecil County Health Department for having the highest overall number of Fax to Assist referrals to the Quitline for the second year in a row.


Morning Session

Dr. Carlo DiClemente,
Keynote Address: Current Statewide and MDQuit Initiatives:  Outreach to Vulnerable Populations

Dr. Marc Fishman,
Keynote Address: Update on Medications for Tobacco Cessation

Handout: Medication and NRT quick reference

Dr. Sherry Stewart,
Keynote Address: A Personality-Matched Approach to the Treatment and Prevention of Substance Misuse


Afternoon Workshops

Workshop: Fundamentals of Treating Anxiety Sensitivity
Dr. Sherry Stewart,

Workshop: Smoking Cessation in Behavioral Health Settings.
Moderator: Dr. Carlo DiClemente,

Panel Members:
Patricia Stabile, Program Director, HARBEL Prevention and Recovery Center,
Mike Drummond, Executive Director, Arundel Lodge, Inc.
Craig Lippens, Division Director, Gaudenzia (Chesapeake Region)

Workshop: Implementing and Enforcing Smoke-Free Policies
Moderator: Will Tilburg, J.D.,

Panel Members:
Sylvia Heinze, Ph.D., Director of Oncology Services, Union Hospital of Cecil County,
Jerry Dieringer, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Housing & Residence Life, Towson University
Michael Ehrlinger, Ed.D., College Senate Chair, Professor, School of Applied and Information Technology, The Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville Campus,

Smoke-Free Policy Toolkit
Towson University Smoke-Free Policy Plan

Workshop: Emerging Tobacco Products: “New Products, Same Targets”
Kristen Tertzakian, Truth Initiative,

Legacy Fact Sheet for Cigars, Cigarillos, & Little Cigars.pdf
Legacy Fact Sheet for ecigarettes.pdf