MDQuit's 4th Annual Best Practices Conference

We would like to thank all of the presenters and attendees who made our conference a great event! A special thanks to Joan Stine, Director of the Center for Health Promotion, Education, & Tobacco Use Prevention and Dawn Berkowitz, Chief, Division of Federal and Special Tobacco Control Initiatives for their updates on DHMH and upcoming budget issues and policies. We would also like to thank MDQuit's Advisory Board Member, Dr. Georgia Stevens, for sharing information on how to obtain a FREE National Toolkit providing low cost, or no cost cessation resources from the University of California, San Francisco's Smoking Cessation Leadership Center ( We would also like to thank Dale Kane, Chair of Nicotine Anonymous Mid Atlantic Region and her colleagues for sharing information on Nicotine Anonymous ( Morning Session Dr. Carlo DiClemente, Email: Keynote Address: Do You Know Where Your Smokers Are: Who They Are and What They are Doing? Ms. Kathleen Hoke Dachille, Email: Keynote Address: Food and Drug Administration Regulation of Tobacco Products. Dr. Jack Henningfield, Email: Keynote Address: Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: Public Health & Regulatory Challenges. Afternoon Session Miranda Garay, M.A., Onna Van Orden & Elena Welsh, M.A., Email: & & Keynote Address: Motivational Enhancement Session I Slides, Motivational Enhancement Session II Slides Dr. Carlo DiClemente, Email: Keynote Address: Maximizing What You Can Do with Fewer Resources. Onna Van Orden, Kathleen Dachille, Dr. Carlo DiClemente, Dr. Janine Delahanty, & Meredith Holmgren , , , & Keynote Address: Hot Topics in Tobacco