MDQuit's Smoking and Diversity Workshop


We would like to thank all of the presenters who made our smoking & diversity workshop a great success! We'd also like to thank Joan Stine and Lawrence Carter for their updates on DHMH activities and future directions. Additionally, we'd like to thank Linda Green from Worcester County; Sara Wolfe, the Maryland Quitline Coordinator; and Christine Schutzman from St. Joseph's Medical Center in Towson, MD for their participation in the Local Health Department Panel.

Dr. Carlo C. DiClemente, Email:
Keynote Address: Culture, Diversity, Ethnicity and Tobacco Use.

Dr. Steven Fu, Email:
Keynote Address: Tobacco Cessation and Working with Diverse Populations: General Considerations, Asian American and American Indian Perspectives.

Dr. Olivia Carter-Pokras, Email:
Keynote Address: Disparities in Tobacco Use Behaviors by Adult and Youth Minority Populations in Maryland.

Dr. Pebbles Fagan, Email:
Keynote Address: Are We Addressing the Needs of a Multicultural-racial-ethnic Society? Strategies for Tobacco Control.

Other Helpful Links:

Minority Outreach & Technical Assistance (MOTA)

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services - Office of Minority Health

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: Factsheets on Smoking among various ethnic / racial groups