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MDQuit's 10th Annual Best Practices Conference 2016
10 Years of the Maryland Tobacco Quitline 2016
Maryland Tobacco Quitline Youth Fact Sheet 2015
MCO Newsletter Message 4: Expanded QL Services for Adolescents 2014
MCO Newsletter Message 5: Expanded Quitline Services for Pregnant Women 2014
MCO Newsletter Message 8: Quitline 2014
MCO Newsletter Message 1: Maryland Quitline (Consumer) 2014
MCO Newsletter Message 3: Expanded Quitline Services for Pregnant Women (Consumer) 2014
MDQuit Newsletter - Fall 2014 2014
National Smoking Cessation Campaign May Help Smokers Quit 2013
MDQuit Newsletter - December 2012 2012
New services in Md.’s tobacco counseling 2012
Quitlines and Smoking Cessation Campaigns Positively Impact Quitting Behaviors Among Diverse Populations, New Studies Suggest 2011
Spike in Calls to the National Quit Line Following Introduction of New Cigarette Labels 2011
Recommendations for Treating Smokers in Health Care Setting 2011
Youtube Videos Promote Smoking 2010
Spanish Ads Increase Quitline Cessation Rates 2010
Brain Imaging Studies Give New Insights into Cigarette Craving 2009
MDQuit Training Application-File 2007
SBIRT for Tobacco Cessation in Health Care Settings: Targeted Training for Medicaid Providers
Medicaid & Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
Maryland Tobacco Quitline Webinar
Leveraging Quitlines for Tobacco Cessation: Real-World Implementation
Do incentives help quitline participants quit smoking?
Psychosocial Interventions
Why is Ethnicity Important to Cessation?
Maryland TCRC Trainings
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