Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders

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MDQuit's 11th Best Practices Conference 2017
Positive Language Guideline 2017
MDQuit's 9th Annual Best Practices Conference 2015
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Recovery From Substance Use Is Not Hindered by Smoking Cessation 2014
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MDQuit's 6th Annual Best Practices Conference 2012
A Decade of Data: Successes and Challenges in Tobacco Use in Maryland 2012
Implementing Smoking Cessation in Substance Abuse Treatment: Workplace Barriers and Facilitators 2012
Treating Tobacco in Smokers with Substance Use Disorders 2012
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2012 Tuerk Conference 2012
MDQuit's 5th Annual Best Practices Conference 2011
Physician Cessation Counseling Vital to Quitting among Smokers with Substance Use and Mental Disorders, Study Finds 2011
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MDQuit E-Newsletter- September 2011 2011
Mental Illness
Substance Use Disorders
NBHN WEBINAR: Resource Digest: Opioids, Marijuana, and Tobacco (Co-treatment & Co-use)
SCLC and ATTUD Webinar “The Glass is Half Full: Smoking cessation for smokers with opioid use disorder”
Creating a Culture of Change: Tobacco Cessation Strategies for Long-Term Treatment
Cigarette smoking among those with mental disorders in the US population: 2012–2013 update
Substance Use Disorder Providers
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